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Over the years I have had a number of occupations. As my family grew, time away from home became difficult but I always searched for something to keep me busy and bring additional income into our home.

In addition to gardening, I have always enjoyed pottery and crafting and found that my creations made wonderful gifts that seemed to be sincerely appreciated by those who received them.

During a 15th anniversary vacation to Hawaii with my husband and son, I was struck by the creativity of the local artisans and particularly by the wind chimes whose beautiful sounds seemed to be everywhere we visited. Upon our return I spent a great deal of time trying to come up with a creative and interesting wind chime that I could make at home using simple, and to the extent possible, recycled materials. After several attempts and numerous trips to the craft store, the "Vine Chime" was born.

With the help of my husband and son, I now make and sell my chimes at craft fairs throughout Long Island and on the web. I collect wine bottles with help from friends, family and local restaurants. The bottles are cleaned, cut, sanded, beaded and hand painted. No two "Vine Chimes" are alike.

I hope you enjoy yours too!

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